August 5th Menu

Now that the first menu and explanation have gone out, I am hoping the narrative part gets easier!  Each week I will try to give some helpful hints, tricks, etc. that you can use in the kitchen, or even other parts of your home.  Some of you know that I am somewhat addicted to “Pinterest” and it often serves as the inspiration for meal, decorating, and classroom ideas that I have.  Sometimes I leave the recipes alone, and many times I change them to make them easier, have fewer ingredients, or cut out some unnecessary calories.  Here are a few of the easiest ways to cut calories:

1. Substitute Greek Yogurt (Plain, Non-fat) for mayo, sour cream, or heavy cream in a recipe. My favorite Pot Pie Recipe calls for 1 Cup of heavy cream.  That is over 800 calories!  I can cut out 300 calories by  using  half of the heavy cream, and the other half, Greek Yogurt. Here is a link to a Chobani conversion chart that you can use for a variety of ingredients.

2.  Use non-stick cooking spray and a non-stick pan instead of oil.  Even Olive Oil adds 100 calories per tablespoon to a recipe.  If you can use non-stick spray for part of the recipe, you will save yourself a few hundred calories since most recipes call for several tablespoons of oil.

3. Cut the Carbs!  Sometimes eating dinner with someone who is training for a marathon is torture.  Greg needs carbs, they are my enemy.  Almost every meal I make, can have the carbs decreased to a smaller serving size, or cut out altogether.

I hope everyone enjoyed the first week of menus.  Please let me know if you have any requests and I will try to accommodate!  Since it is summer, I tend to keep the menu a little lighter. Remember, you can always substitute the main protein for something else you might like better. This week, you can substitute chicken for the Mahi Mahi, beef or shrimp for the chicken on the skewers, etc. Feel free to let me know if you want some kid-friendly meals, Vegetarian or Vegan options, or just want an easy recipe with an ingredient you’ve been craving! 

Until Next Week!



Menu 8-5


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