August 10th Menu

Greg and I are down in “The Jerz” this week spending some time with family and friends.  The recipes I’ve included this week are either by family or friends, or recipes that I have made for family and friends.  Most people know that there is nothing I love more than having our friends over, playing lawn games, eating good food, and drinking good cocktails!  I usually end up going a little over the top, but a few weeks ago, I needed to throw something together quick!  For some reason I had frozen tortellini so I cooked it up, added some pesto (always in my fridge) and chopped some tomatoes to add in.  It was delicious and so easy!  I added asparagus and chicken for the recipe this week so that it could be a complete meal, but the possibilities are virtually endless.  You could add Italian meats and Italian dressing for an “antipasto” salad, or you could add some olives, cucumbers, feta, and Greek dressing to give it a Greek flair. 

Somehow the grocery list looks extremely short this week, but don’t forget to add the ingredients you need for the Quick Fix meals! 

Also, my tip for cooking two nights worth of shrimp is not to cook it all the first night.  Prep it all, let half of it stay in the marinade. Re-heating shrimp just doesn’t do it any justice.  It turns out rubbery and then you have just wasted your money.

Menu 8-10


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