August 24th Menu

    The last week of summer is here. 😦  This time of year is always filled with mixed emotions for everyone: teachers and students sadly preparing for the first day of school, and parents jumping for joy. This is the week I try to freeze several meals for the nights that I just cannot stand the thought of cooking (yes that does happen).  In addition to the Bonus Recipes, I have included several recipes for items that I prepare and freeze for busy nights.  While almost all dinners that I prepare are 500 calories or less, I have found it is much harder with Freezer Meals.  That being said, the two recipes that I have included, are in fact under 500 calories.  Hamburger Pie only makes the cut if you use ground turkey and divide the pie into 6 pieces.  I would bet that most men could devour half of the pie in one sitting.

    I stupidly forgot to take a picture of the Chicken Parmesan but it was really good and there was no frying necessary!  I like this for the decreased calories, and the decreased amount of dishes to clean!  This is something else you could freeze and pull out to make your family think you slaved from the moment you got home.  Just stop baking after the first 20 minutes and freeze, waiting to top with cheese until you re-  heat in the oven. 

       The Crunchy Baked Garlic Shrimp weigh in at just 200 calories per serving (approximately 10-12 shrimp), even with the butter and panko.  This is great with a side of asparagus, baked broccoli and spinach bites(shown in picture), or even noodles if you aren’t carb conscious.  I would add more wine, garlic, and lemon juice if you make noodles so that you have a quick sauce to toss them in!

       By now you may have noticed a few common themes in the menus.  There is a lot of buffalo chicken, and there is a lot of Mexican.  These are two things that we love in our house, but I also remember loving them as a child.  If you get sick of it, skip to a Quick Fix or substitute a different flavor such as Teriyaki or BBQ.  The Chicken Burgers would be great with BBQ sauce in lieu of Buffalo Sauce, and some sautéed onions and Cheddar Cheese!

Menu 8-26


4 thoughts on “August 24th Menu

  1. Hi Kara, I am so excited about your food blog. I think you have helped me rediscover my joy for cooking. Thanks so much! Any suggestions on what to do with lots of banana peppers? Love, Aunt Sarah

  2. hey kara, love the new blog! what a great idea!

    have any good ideas for school lunches? as you know i am back in grad school full time. we don’t get a lunch break or a chance to even heat anything up. So any creative, healthy ideas that are easy for bringing along to school?

    katie b

    • Hi Katie! Thanks so much. I am on a huge hummus kick lately. I use it instead of mayo on wraps, pitas and with veggies. I usually grill up some chicken on Sunday, slice it, and use it throughout the week for salads, wraps, etc. This way I have some substantial protein for the day. I also saw a cute idea for a strawberry and peanut butter wrap with granola-looks delicious and something different! Let me know if the link doesn’t work!

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