September 1st Menu

       We are officially Back to School.  That means I am a crazy person.  The first few weeks are always a little nuts, trying to get the kids (and myself) back into a routine.  Greg is out of town at the end of the week and that usually means I eat popcorn and have a glass of wine as my dinner.  I have a feeling it will be more than one glass this time!  Since many of you are fellow teachers and/or busy moms, I created this menu with you in mind.  Ten minutes or less of prep time during the week, and then baking in the oven for a bit while you nap, lie down, or drink heavily. 🙂  This is the week of every year that I am least motivated to cook.  I am determined to find and create recipes that require minimal effort so that I can at least fake it this week. 

     All of the recipes are kid friendly and can be interchanged so that you make their favorite on the first day of school. I still like to have my favorite dinner after the first day of school.  I added some more “adult” versions of these recipes as well, and omitted the Quick Fix, since everything is pretty quick this week.

     The picture of the pizza roll is clearly not pepperoni.  I made mine with spinach, mushrooms, and a little ricotta.  This also makes a great appetizer!  Think football season!  Growing up, we always called this “Garbage Bread” however I changed the name to make it a little more kid friendly.  Enjoy!

Tips for a smooth transition back to school:

–       Prepare lunches and outfits the night before!

–       If your kids like egg sandwiches or breakfast burritos, you can make a bunch on Sunday, freeze them, and then pop them in the oven at a low temp in the morning while you get the kids ready. No mess, and the kids get protein and carbs to fuel them through the morning!

*  A little extra time spent prepping over the weekend can save you hours of aggravation during the week.  Things you can do in advance:

         – Iron clothes

        – Chop veggies for recipes

        –  Pre-portion snacks for lunches into baggies or containers.  Then you can just grab and throw them in lunch boxes!

Menu 8-31


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