September 9th Menu

The weekend is here!  Happy Friday to everyone who went back to school this week!  I know I am exhausted and will probably be falling asleep before 10 PM. 

As Fall starts to creep in, I can feel myself start to crave the heartier flavors of slow roasted meats, root vegetables, and butternut squash.  Football Season starts this weekend and thankfully that means lazy Sundays with Greg on the couch watching games, and me escaping to the kitchen, cooking for family and friends.

I realize that this is probably NOT how many of you envision spending your Sundays, so I will try to keep the Fall recipes simple in preparation, but long on cook time and flavor.  I prefer roasting in the oven to the slow cooker, but feel free to opt for the slow cooker if you prefer. 

Tip: I highly recommend investing in a digital meat thermometer.  My parents bought us one for Christmas last year, and we use it all of the time.  We have never over-cooked a piece of meat since. 

Since it is not officially Fall, I stuck with a more neutral menu this week.  The oven-fried chicken is one of my favorites and is so easy to throw in the oven, especially if you prepare the marinade in the morning before heading off to work. (It literally takes 5 minutes).  It is also a crowd pleaser and cheap to make since it calls for legs and thighs. 

I know the lime tilapia sounds boring, but it really is delicious and again, super simple. 

Enjoy the first week of football!  Chili and other favorite game-time goodies are soon to come!

Menu 9-9




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