November 4th Menu

Is it Friday yet?  This week has been SO busy!  Both of my parents’ birthdays were this past week, AND it was Halloween!  I will confess that while I have made the Crock-Pot Beer Can Chicken before, I did not make it this week since we had two birthday dinners.  It is super easy and very tasty.  I recommend tossing them into the oven on broil right before you serve so that they crisp up a little bit.  The butternut squash stuffed shells were soooo good!  The recipe initially called for a sage and brown butter sauce which I am sure was delicious, but we skipped it and the shells were great on their own.


The Chicken Fried Rice was a great substitute for Chinese take-out.  I thought I had peas and carrots in my freezer, but when it was time to cook, I only had peas…hence no carrots in the picture!  The sesame oil and ginger make the dish!  Hint: I prepared my rice while I was getting ready in the morning!  It takes almost 45 minutes if you use brown rice and I hate waiting all that time when I am hungry in the evening.  I just threw it in the pot in the morning, got ready for school, and when it was done, threw it in the fridge (same pan and all) until I got home and was ready to cook.  I omitted the oil or butter since I was adding so many other flavors to the dish.  


I hope everyone has a great weekend and Happy November!  

Menu 11-4

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