November 18th Menu

Happy week before Thanksgiving!  Greg and I are hosting this year and it feels like there is so much to do with just under a week to go!  I left a version of the menu in Word Document form this week so that you could insert your own menu and grocery list for Thanksgiving.  Just be careful of the formatting because if your list goes to the next page, it sends everything all over the place.  I also included our menu for the big day, including a Sparkling Sangria 🙂 

I tested out the Cranberry Brie Bites on a few of my girlfriends who came up to visit last weekend (thanks Melis and Lauren!) I will admit I didn’t love the mint so I will probably add it as a garnish on the side of the plate instead of on top of each cup.  The recipe I found originally called for crackers, but I think keeping all of the ingredients from rolling off would be much easier if they were inside of a mini tart shell, or Phyllo cup (can be found in freezer section of grocery store). They were really cute though!

I tried to give a time frame for when each dish could be prepared, but everyone does it differently.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and you can look for my next post either next Friday or Saturday 🙂 

Menu 11-18– word doc

Menu 11-18pdf

One thought on “November 18th Menu

  1. Last year I tried the same Alton Brown brine recipe and it was wonderful, although half the credit has to go to the Jaindl turkey itself…they are the best ever!! It was so good I’m doing the same thing again this year! Deb J.

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