December 2nd Menu

I cannot believe I am writing a menu for December.  It does not seem possible!  I love the holidays and all of the things that this season brings.  The decorating, baking, and of course…shopping!  I think Greg is convinced I have a problem, but I really do love giving more than receiving.  We celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas, so I included a latke recipe and my mom’s cut-out cookie recipe in the bonus recipe section this week.  


The menu for the week was a little bit of everything.  We haven’t had a pot roast yet all year, and with the temperatures starting to dip down, it was the perfect Sunday meal.  To re-heat, I just left it in the broth and heated on the stove.  

The hardest part of the stuffed zucchini was cutting out the middle.  Preparing the quinoa the night before made throwing it together a breeze (15 minutes max) and then I had time to check my e-mails and online shop for 20 minutes while it finished cooking in the oven 🙂 

The shrimp scampi was another quick meal and if you don’t like eating shrimp the second day, don’t cook it all the first day!  It is a snap to throw in the pan and cook the second night.  Then just toss with the pasta and serve!

Have a great weekend!

Menu 12-2


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