December 9th Menu

We are in full holiday mode with decorations up, tree lit, and cookie dough made.  My mom and I had a marathon cookie session last weekend, making four different types of dough, and 2 batches of cookies.  Making the dough ahead of time is a huge time saver and now all we have to do is scoop and bake!  I’ve included the recipes for Toffee Bars and Reindeer Mix this week.  This is great to give to people, but make a LOT because it is hard to stop eating it when it is in front of you!  

This week’s menu was a little bit of everything.  The stuffed chicken was something that I completely made up because I had extra broccoli in the house.  It turned out pretty good and you could always add any extra mixture to the top of a pizza crust and have broccoli pizza.  IMG_1047


We had “Soup Day” at work so I cheated and used it as one of the meals for the week.  

We are headed to New Jersey for a Hanukkah Celebration with Greg’s family this weekend. Happy Hanukkah to those who will be celebrating this weekend and next week! 

Menu 12-9


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