January 6th Menu

I think I forgot it could get this cold in the Northeast!  It is a bone chilling cold that only a few things can cure: a fire, a good soup, and a hot drink spiked with your favorite liquor!  Thankfully, two of those things are on the menu this week 🙂 

I guess I was in a “glaze” kind of mood because both the chicken and the fish have one (though they are very different).  The fish was Amazing!  Chilean Sea Bass was on sale this week so we sprung for that.  It is something we hardly ever do, and with just two of us, it came to about 20 dollars (for 4 servings) I would recommend getting a smaller portion of fish if it is a little out of your budget, and going heavier on the rice and veggies.  You can always find a less expensive cut of fish as well.  IMG_1297

The Mango Glazed Chicken was also very good and a breeze to prepare.  I made the glaze when I had some extra time over the weekend and then was able to pull it out to use when I needed it.  The chicken took a while to cook, so make sure you give yourself enough time.

The Lasagna soup is sure to warm you up on a day like today!  The sausage gives it a little kick and the cheese topping just takes it to a whole new level.  This would probably be delicious with some garlic bread or crostini to dip!  

You will find a Spiked Hot Chocolate in the Bonus Recipe section this week.  I love making Hot Chocolate the old fashioned way, but if you are in a pinch, I am sure you could just use the powder stuff with milk in the microwave and then toss in a few tablespoons of bourbon.  Either way, it will be sure to warm you up!  

Menu 1-6


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