February 10th Menu

Sorry I am late with this post!  Trying to come up with a Valentine’s Day Menu was not easy.  The rack of lamb is something a little different, but it is a recipe Greg and I both love.  I have made it several times and it is always perfect.  That being said, I realize there are quite a few people skeptical of eating and preparing lamb.  If you are one of those people, I would recommend the Chilean Sea Bass recipe that is listed under seafood recipes, or grilling up a nice steak.  For an appetizer, I decided on crab cakes.  Everyone likes them (unless you are allergic to shellfish or happen to be my father-in-law :))  If you don’t want to use the remoulade recipe, you could always use a store bought tartar sauce.  You could probably eat the crab cakes as your entire meal if you don’t eat meat.  I made the red velvet cheesecake last year for Valentine’s Day and thankfully I took a picture.  I used a heart shaped cookie cutter to make it into a heart.  IMG_1371

This week I made a ziti and sweet and sour chicken.  Actually, Greg made the sweet and sour chicken and it was delish!  I would recommend either making a little bit of extra sauce to use for dipping, or reserving some and not pouring it all into the baking dish.  We also made the prosciutto quesadillas that were so good for only using four ingredients!  IMG_1368


I hope everyone enjoys the menu this week!  If you live in the Northeast, I hope you have lots of wine and good company because this storm is coming!

Menu 2-10

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