February 24th Menu

Happy Friday!  I had an amazing trip with all of my friends to Barbados and was completely inspired by some of the food there.  I think everyone on the trip purchased some of the Bajan (pronounced like Asain with a “B”) Hot Pepper Sauce so I found a great chicken recipe that it can be used in.  For those of you that don’t have the sauce, I included a recipe for it in the bonus section.  Beware, it is SO spicy!  It can be used on chicken, fish, sandwiches, really whatever you like.  In Barbados they use it like a condiment like we use ketchup and mustard.  IMG_1430

Another favorite that I had down there was actually at a Greek Restaurant.  I had a Mahi Mahi Gyro and Feta Fries.  It was so delicious that I am re-creating the recipe with a few tweaks.  I am making my own whole wheat pitas (you can’t really find good Whole Wheat Greek Pita bread around here).  I am also baking the fries instead of frying them.  Then they get drizzled with a little Greek dressing and topped with crumbled Feta cheese.  My mouth is watering just thinking about them!  I am also a HUGE fan of Tzatziki for which the recipe is also included.  

I also made a Beef Stew this week since I didn’t want to completely bombard people with weird food and recipes.  It was a nice comforting meal to have on my first night home, especially with the drastic weather change that I experienced.  


To say it was an amazing week would be an understatement.  The weather was gorgeous, food delicious, and of course, when you are surrounded by 11 amazing friends, it can’t really get much better than that.  

Enjoy the weekend!

Menu 2-24

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