May 12th Menu

This week’s menu was about freshening up some old favorites.  We love to make grilled chicken, but eventually it gets pretty boring.  This week I made a spicy chipotle mango barbecue sauce to marinate it in.  It made for a nice change and packed just enough heat.  If you like things really spicy, I would recommend adding another chipotle pepper to the sauce.


We love pulled pork in this house.  It is a staple at almost every barbecue we have, however it is not as easy to make during the week.  This recipe uses the slow cooker and it comes out perfectly.  We usually serve ours on potato rolls with some coleslaw.  In addition to loving pulled pork, we also love a creation found at our favorite local bar/restaurant.  The Lager House in Latham makes an absolutely amazing Pulled Pork Pizza.  Since I was making pulled pork anyways, I thought I would give it a try.  Definitely not quite as good as the Lager House, but if you like pulled pork and pizza, this is sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Finally, I felt like I needed to lighten it up a bit, but Greg loves Mexican food. I decided to make a Chicken Fajita Salad.  They serve southwestern salads at restaurants and this is pretty similar. It cuts out the tortilla but still has all of the great flavor of fajitas!  


I hope everyone has a great weekend!  Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms out there!

Menu 5-12

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