May 19th Menu

It is hard to believe that next weekend is Memorial Day!  With Barbecue Season in full swing, I made sure to take full advantage of the grill and flavors of the season this week.  We started the week with BBQ Shrimp that were actually sauteed instead of grilled.  You could easily do these in a foil packet on the grill if you wanted.  I left the shells on primarily because that seems to be the way most of the recipes tell you to do it.  I am sure you could take the shells off first if you wanted.  Just make sure your shrimp are raw so that they do not get overcooked.

The Thai Chicken Skewers were SO good!  The ingredient list looks long, but all it is, is throwing a bunch of things in a bag for a marinade, and throwing some more things into a saucepan to make the peanut sauce.  The chicken had a pretty good kick, but the sauce mellowed it out.  If you aren’t a fan of spicy foods, I would eliminate the cayenne pepper from the marinade.


Turkey Burgers are a BBQ staple in our house.  I usually have them pre-made in the freezer to make life really easy on busy nights.  This recipe calls for mozzarella cheese and diced red pepper mixed into the turkey meat.  You could add anything you like though.  Onion, black beans, the possibilities are endless.  


The weather finally seems to be improving again, so hopefully everyone can get outside and enjoy it this weekend!

Menu 5-19

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