June 2nd Menu

The menu this week is a little “all over the place”, much like myself at this time of year.  I can’t believe the school year is winding down already.  It seems like it was just beginning.

I started the week with a Steak Kebab since the weather was actually nice enough to grill on Memorial Day.  Since I hate re-heated meat, I left half of the meat and veggies in the marinade until the second night.  The second night, everything was even better after sitting in the marinade for the extra time.


Mid-week I made an eggplant parm.  While we ate our fair share of seafood in Cape Cod, I also had an eggplant dish that was to die for.  I knew I wanted to figure out a way to bake eggplant parm instead of fry it.  This recipe was slightly more time consuming so you may want to do this as your Sunday meal.  Serve it with some pasta or garlic bread!


Finally, I made a panko crusted lemon chicken.  I love lemon chicken, but wanted to put a twist on it.  This calls for coating it in Dijon mustard and then panko breadcrumbs.  The slight hint of lemon gives it that summertime, citrus flavor.

For the quick fixes, I may have gone a little over the time limit with the hummus crusted chicken, but it looked SO good.  Maybe I will do it as a regular meal once I get a chance to try it.  Taquitos were one of those foods that my brothers devoured when we were younger (they probably still would if given the chance).  This puts a healthier spin on them by baking them, omitting the preservatives that you get from buying them pre-packaged, and they are vegetarian.  You could easily add shredded chicken to these and make for a meat lover as well.

Happy June!

Menu 6-2

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