June 9th Menu

This week started off HOT!  I decided to make one of my favorite summer time dishes…a shrimp and sausage boil.  It couldn’t be easier.  You literally just add things to a boiling pot of water seasoned with Old Bay.  There is a lot of wiggle room here so if you don’t like shrimp or sausage, you could certainly omit or add something in place of one of them.  Chicken or turkey sausage is a great alternative to pork sausage.


My favorite dish of the week was Chicken Riggies.  If you are not from upstate New York, you may have never had this before.  There is a restaurant in Syracuse called Pastabilities.  They were featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives and one of the dishes they showed how to make was their “Wicked Chicken Riggies”.  This is a healthier version, made with Greek yogurt (and a little heavy cream).  We used a teaspoon each of cayenne and red pepper flakes, but it was REALLY spicy!  I would recommend half a teaspoon of each, and maybe tossing in a little bit more at the end.


The Mexican Pizza was a quick dish that really just tasted like tacos, but looked a whole lot fancier.  If you like Mexican food and get sick of tacos, this is a great alternative. You could also add any other veggies you like to this such as corn, avocado, or peppers.  

Have a great weekend!

Menu 6-9

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