June 16th Menu

Father’s Day is this weekend and most dads love the grill.  I started the week with a grilled, Whiskey Glazed Flat Iron Steak recipe that I found from Food Network.  My dad also happens to be a fan of Jack Daniel’s so this seemed a perfect combination. You may have to ask your butcher for flat iron steaks, but they should have it.  They are super tender.  If not, you could always substitute your favorite cut of beef instead.  This would be great with grilled asparagus, a potato, or even a pasta salad.  

Midweek I made Pasta Bolognese.  This one takes a little time and I actually suggest making the sauce the night before so that the flavors can really develop.  This recipe calls for some veggies pureed into the sauce so you may be able to pull one over on your picky eaters.  This was a really hearty meal, perfect for all of this rainy weather we have been getting.


Finally, I found another recipe from Food Network that I wanted to try.  I modified the Turkey Burgers with Orange Glaze recipe quite a bit.  It called for way too much oil initially and it also called for a whole jalapeno, seeds and all.  I would not suggest this.  If you like things spicy, you may want to add HALF of the seeds.  This was probably my favorite recipe of the week.  It was very easy to throw together and gave the turkey burger a new twist.  


Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there! 

Menu 6-16


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