June 23rd Menu

I apologize for the delay on the post this week.  It was our last week of school and somehow the week just got away from me.  

Fresh corn is back in supermarkets, so I used it twice this week. First, I made a marinated, grilled chicken over a chilled farro corn salad.  It was a nice fresh tasting meal, perfect for the heat we are starting to get.  


Next, was a twist on buffalo chicken.  Greg could probably eat some sort of buffalo chicken once a week.  This time, I skipped the breading, marinated the chicken in the buffalo sauce, and then grilled it to put on sandwiches.  Then I made a celery and carrot slaw to put on top.  Buy yourself the pre-shredded carrots and save yourself some time!  They were delicious!  


To round out the week, I went for another light meal.  Tilapia foil packets with a corn relish.  The relish calls for jalapeno, so like always, if you aren’t a fan of spicy foods, you may want to skip it.  This could also be made with another white fish of your choice.  I am sure Grouper would be great.  

We are starting to get ready for our big trip to Italy and Greece.  Next week’s post will be the last until we get back Mid-July.  I am sure I will come back with tons of new ideas and recipes so hopefully the wait will be worth it! 

Menu 6-23

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