June 30th Menu

Well, this is it everyone. Ok, so only for two weeks, but I am SO in vacation mode right now.  My bags are packed and I am ready for Italy and Greece!  If I didn’t have the menu sitting in front of me, I might not even remember what I ate earlier this week, I am so excited.  P.S. It is only Tuesday!  

I know this post is early, but tomorrow I will be running around like a crazy person trying to make sure I have everything ready for our trip.  

To start the week, I made a cold tortellini antipasto salad.  It was a breeze to throw together and was great for all of this hot weather we have been getting.  


Later in the week I made pork and black bean tacos.  Nothing too original (my mind was on a million other things this week) but a slight twist on the classic beef taco.  The black beans added to the pork allow you to stretch this meal to hit closer to 6 servings (2 tacos each).  Sometimes you just need a good taco.


Finally, I made a Greek Salad with grilled chicken.  I realize that I will soon be in Greece eating Greek salad till my heart’s content, however I was getting in the spirit!  I love Greek salad and could probably eat it every day. 

I accidentally threw another salad recipe into the Quick Fix section…oops.  With the weather being this hot, who wants to eat hot food anyways?  

Best of luck to those of you who decide to try and meal plan on your own for the next two weeks!  Maybe I will post some pictures of yummy food while I am away!

Menu 6-30

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