August 25th Menu

Well, this is it folks!  This is the last complete menu I will be adding to the blog…at least for now.  For those of you who do not know, I am pregnant and expecting in December!  We are very excited and now that I have given you (and myself) a year’s worth of menus, it will be time for me to put it to the test as well!  I will continue to add new recipes that I try, focusing more on those that typically wouldn’t be added to a weekly menu.  I hope everyone continues to use the menus and please feel free to contact me with requests or questions!  

This week we had grilled lamb chops, shrimp and grits, and Maple Mustard Chicken.  

Grilled lamb is one of my favorites and it is fast!  6 minutes on the grill and they are done! I usually serve potatoes with mine, but you could easily do a rice, or skip the starch and go for asparagus, a tomato salad, or any other vegetable that you like.  

This was my first try at shrimp and grits.  I wanted to try something different for the last menu.  I had shrimp at grits at a restaurant in Saratoga last weekend and they were really good.  I am sure they didn’t use instant grits like I did, but I wasn’t about to spend the time on traditional grits.  Greg commented that “No self respecting Southerner would use instant grits”.  (He is famous for his movie quotes. ) I kindly reminded him that I am a Yankee and if he didn’t like my grits, he could have a bowl of cereal!  This was a 20 minute meal by the way! I made enough grits for two nights and added a little water when re-heating the second night.  I cooked the shrimp both nights since I don’t eat re-heated seafood.  They take 5 minutes start to finish in the pan.  


The Maple Mustard Chicken was good enough to serve to company, but easy enough to prepare on a busy work night.  It was about 30 minutes start to finish.  I gave the optional step of thickening the sauce at the end after taking it out of the oven.  I think it would taste the same either way, the sauce will just stick to the chicken better if it is thicker.  


Another gorgeous weekend ahead and Happy Travers to those who will be betting on the ponies in Saratoga!

 Menu 8-25

2 thoughts on “August 25th Menu

  1. Made the maple mustard chicken and it was amazing! We didn’t have the whole grain mustard so used Dijon instead – turned out delicious! Will definitely make again, thanks Kara!

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